As a part of their general mission to help you look and feel better as you age, the anti-aging doctors at Longevity Centres of America advocate for healthy, well-balanced diets loaded with the nutrients you need to thrive. Not only can eating well – in conjunction with our anti-aging treatments – have a transformative effect on your mood and energy level – it may also protect your body against injury.

For instance, fresh fruits and vegetables are teeming with essential compounds that support your immune system and overall health, but did you know that one compound in particular can reduce your risk of a hip fracture? According to a new study from researchers in Singapore, the carotenoids found in yellow and orange vegetables and other produce can boost your body's defenses and protect you from this painful and frustrating injury.

According to ScienceDaily, a team of scientists from the Singapore Ministry of Health as well as the National University of Singapore analyzed the medical records of more than 50,000 Chinese people – 45 years old or above – to see if there was any relationship between dietary habit and hip fractures. By reviewing more than 10 years worth of data, they discovered that leaner males who consistently ate high amounts of carotenoids were much less likely to suffer a hip fracture within the time period assessed.

Though this particular benefit of carotenoids was only seen in slender males with a high Body Mass Index, these antioxidants – which the body uses to make vitamin A – help fend off the attacks of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. By fortifying your immune system against diseases with the proper nutrition and periodically flushing out toxins through one of our detox services, you can promote your long-term health and aging longevity.