Have you already started to notice a veritable chorus of coughing and sniffling when you make your way to work each morning, or even once you step into the office? Tis the season for all manner of frustrating illnesses, and while a cold may not exactly threaten your aging longevity, it can certainly feel like it.

Most people in Houston are familiar with established immune-boosters like vitamin C, which may lead many to flock to the nearest grocery store to stock up on orange juice and other citrus products. However, this isn't the only compound you should look into if you really want to keep viruses at bay. In fact, scientists from Australia recently revealed that paying a bit more attention to your gut at his time could also be a boon for our overall health. According to a study abstract published in Clinical Nutrition, a medical journal, taking a probiotic supplement every day could help reduce your chances of contracting a respiratory or gastrointestinal illness – particularly if you already lead a pretty healthy lifestyle.

"The risk of an upper respiratory illness episode was significantly lower in the Bl-04 group [that received the probiotic Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis Bl-04]," the abstract states. This led researchers to conclude that incorporating this supplement could help active adults avoid many common and frustrating ailments.

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