Often depicted as "part of this complete breakfast" in cereal commercials far and wide, a refreshing glass of orange juice has long been a staple at the breakfast table. This beverage is best known for its rich vitamin C content, but researchers have recently discovered a whole new reason to incorporate this drink in your morning routine.

According to a review in Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal called "Orange Juice and Cancer Chemoprevention," this beloved beverage has the potential to combat and even prevent various forms of cancer, largely thanks to its antioxidant content.

"OJ could contribute to chemoprevention at every stage of cancer initiation and progression," the researchers state, citing studies regarding the prevention of leukemia in children as well as the treatment of breast cancer. 

Further research is necessary to solidify these findings, however, and the scientists made sure to note that this review does not mean people in Houston should start gulping down orange juice at every available opportunity. "Excessive intake of any food, even for the healthiest, can lead to oxidative status imbalance," they noted, adding that these effects are particularly true for children.

With that in mind, it still may be worth your while to keep a healthy supply of this beverage at home, and drink it alongside your morning coffee before the daily grind commences. To learn more about how nutrition and other lifestyle choices can affect your aging longevity, contact the anti-aging doctors at Longevity Centres of America today. We offer dietary guidance, medical weight loss in Houston and more.