In recent posts, we've documented the detrimental effects of excess sodium in a daily diet, and the efforts of global entities like the World Health Organization to mediate salt consumption. However, the clear connection between a salt-laden diet and high blood pressure has been established for years – so why is it that this mineral is still willfully infused in the foods we eat every day?

The answer is simple: profit. Recently, Pulitzer-prize winner and journalist Michael Moss published a book – "Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us" – that details the means by which big name brands capitalize on the addictive nature of these three unhealthy ingredients and then deceive their customers through clever marketing ploys and misleading language.

In an interview with Yahoo! News, Moss explained that processed food manufacturers are constantly grappling for "a share of our stomachs." Describing fat, sugar and salt as "the pillars" of this industry, Moss details how food scientists experiment with these ingredients and engineer attractive and ultimately addictive food items.

As an example of the methods these corporations use to essentially deceive consumers, Moss notes that "they will put out a low-fat yogurt and not tell you on the front of the package that it's really high in fat."

"The processed food industry has helped foster overconsumption," says Moss. "Salt, sugar and fat are the foundation of processed food."

Moss posits that we may be reaching a turning point, as more consumers begin to question the the motives of big name brands. Comparing the food industry's current position with that of tobacco in the 1990s, he argues that governmental regulation may be on the horizon, particularly given nationwide rates of high blood pressure and heart disease.

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