Affecting one in six senior citizens across America, Alzheimer’s Disease is a major health concern that has already been deemed the “defining disease of the Baby Boomer generation” by the Alzheimer’s Association. However, even men and women in Houston who don’t suffer from this condition may find that their memory retention and decision-making skills are getting a bit clouded as the years go on.

As we’ve reviewed in past posts, everything from the food you eat to the stereotypes you believe can impact the way your brain ages. Recently, for example, researchers from Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center revealed that the simple act of reading a book, writing or engaging in some other form of mental stimulation on a regular basis can dramatically affect your ability to age gracefully.

According to reports, the researchers recruited just under 300 older individuals to take part in memory-based studies over the course of six years. They also asked participants to provide information about how often they engaged in mentally stimulating activities throughout their lives. Overall, the scientists discovered that those who said they read or wrote regularly at any point in life displayed a slower rate of mental decline when other factors like physical signs of dementia were taken into account.

“Based on this, we shouldn’t underestimate the effects of everyday activities, such as reading and writing, on our children, ourselves and our parents or grandparents,” said lead author Robert Wilson, PhD, in a press release.

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