Though it may not sound too appetizing, fish oil milk may be the newest dairy product to grace the shelf at your local supermarket. And, before you write off this somewhat curious combination, the scientists behind it suggest one thing: take a whiff.

Longevity Centres of America is dedicated to helping people age gracefully, and, as a part of that mission, this blog intends to promote healthy lifestyle choices and proper nutrition. And that desire, it seems, is also shared by a team of researchers at Virginia Tech. According to a press release from the university, scientists there have devised a way to infuse milk – a staple in most U.S. households – with omega-3 fatty acids.

These compounds are exceptionally nutritious, and are known to promote brain health and fend off various chronic diseases. But, many people simply aren't getting enough fatty acids in their diets. For some, the issue could come down to taste. Fish is the most well-known source of omega-3, and, let's face it, not everyone is inclined to eat this marine life on a regular basis.

"I would like to help people […] address an additional need in their diets, especially if they don't like to eat fish or can't afford it," says food science and technology professor Susan Duncan, who led the researchers in this endeavor.

However noble her intentions, Duncan and her colleagues faced some substantial challenges. Namely, how to add omega-3 to dairy products without making them taste – or smell – a bit, well, fishy. To rule out this issue, the scientists conducted taste and sniff tests. Based on the responses they received, the scientists concluded that there was no substantial difference between regular milk and the newly enhanced version.

But, before you can get your hands on this product, the researchers have to convince the dairy industry to produce them. Meanwhile, the anti-aging doctors at Longevity Centres of America are here to promote your health and happiness.