With Halloween just a day away, many publications have broached the topic of providing healthier alternatives to the traditional fare handed out to trick-or-treaters. Given the rise in childhood obesity rates, plus the ever-mounting number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes, it’s no surprise that nutritionists and medical practitioners are attempting to shift the focus on a typically sugar-centric holiday.

One way to stop the kids (and yourself) from fixating on the sugary side of Halloween is by putting more emphasis on the “sweet times,” as the Fox News affiliate in Salt Lake City puts it. A local family told the news outlet that they choose to promote fun family traditions to downplay the role of sugar in this holiday.

Of course, trick-or-treating isn’t completely out of the question – in fact, that act itself is a huge part of the fun. Plus, this is a chance to teach kids about moderation. Dietitian Ann Marie Shirley told the source that parents can do this by dividing any candy into small portions to be distributed as they choose. This also allows parents to sift through the goodies and extract anything with too many chemicals on the label.

But, who says that kids are the only ones at risk? For some adults, Halloween may be a perfect excuse to load up on saccharine snacks. So, why not look at this holiday as a challenge – can the sheer fun of pumpkin carving, decorating and costume design tide you over this Halloween? If you put more emphasis on these wholesome – and less cavity-inducing – elements, you can set an excellent example about the importance of living well in a physical and emotional sense.

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