If you've ever suffered from digestive issues, you're probably familiar with the basic benefits of probiotics – the "good" bacteria that can be found in cheeses, yogurts and other dishes with live cultures. Probiotics are essential for intestinal health, and also serve to help the body digest food.

In addition, a new study commissioned by the National Institutes of Health has indicated that these compounds may even help treat two serious metabolic conditions that have taken the country by storm: diabetes and obesity.

"Diabetes incidence has reached epidemic proportions and childhood diabetes and obesity is on an alarming increase. Therefore, it is important to develop safe, easily deliverable and economically viable treatment alternatives for these diseases," the study abstract states.

The scientists used animal models in order to establish whether consuming probiotics could bolster the metabolism in a way that may mitigate the effects of obesity and diabetes, and even prevent them.

Ultimately, the researchers observed that administering probiotics resulted in a diminished appetite and a heightened tolerance for glucose, due to the increased production of the hormone GLP1. 

Given these results, the scientists concluded that "probiotics are of potential therapeutic utility to counter obesity and diabetes."

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