Love it or hate it, sneaking a kiss under the mistletoe is a Christmas tradition that is here to stay. But, did you know that this salacious sprig can also have substantial medical benefits? This plant has been highly prized among the medical community – in whatever form it took – since the Roman Empire and beyond, but it also has a part to play in modern medicine.

A press release from the University of Adelaide explains that mistletoe extract is a common element of colon cancer treatment around Europe, but, due to a lack of scientific data regarding its benefits, not currently used in Australian or American hospitals. But, one student at the university decided to change that.

Health sciences student Zahra Lotfollahi recently conducted a study that contrasted the effects of various mistletoe extracts on the spread of colon cancer cells. In addition, Lotfollahi reportedly sought to establish how the extracts impacted healthy intestinal cells.

One of the greatest challenges of chemotherapy, currently the leading cancer treatment, is that, as well as eradicating cancer cells, it can take a severe toll on the surrounding tissue as well. Through her research, though, Lotfollahi found that one extract not only kept colon cancer cells under control, but cause less damage on healthy body tissue as well.

Though further studies are necessary to confirm these results, Loftollahi's discovery is promising for current and future colon cancer patients in Australia and other countries that don't utilize this plant.

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