Though we've certainly become more aware of the presence of harmful toxins in consumer goods, and there are now government watchdogs in place to block the use of such materials, it still seems like new evils are surfacing every day. For example, just think about how long it took us to realize that lead paint was a bad idea! Oddly, one culprit that routinely relies on potentially dangerous chemicals is the cosmetics industry. In our bid to age gracefully, we may unduly be subjecting our skin to all manner of additives that could ultimately threaten long-term health and make us look older.

A recent study published by the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology has unveiled just such an ingredient. According to ScienceDaily, Francesco Turci and his colleagues at the University of Luxembourg have found that titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is present in sunscreen and various cosmetics, may be more damaging than we think. The source states that, though TiO2 doesn't penetrate the skin, it may take on a toxic property when exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

This impact was reportedly less severe in products that utilize a crystallized form of the compound called rutile. With that in mind, the researchers state that "the present findings strongly encourage the use of the less reactive, negatively charged rutile to produce safer TiO2-based cosmetic and pharmaceutical products."

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