Your body inevitably changes with age. You see most of the differences in your appearance and physical wellness, whether it’s the texture of your skin or your ability to run like you did at a young age. But not all changes are so noticeable – hormonal imbalances have a major impact on your overall health and could actually be the reason you’ve noticed a decline in your mental, physical and sexual well-being.

Thankfully, hormone replacement therapy is an option for restoring hormonal balance, and it comes with a multitude of additional benefits. However, this restorative medicine has received backlash in the past, mostly due to false studies and unethical information.

An unscientific study
According to, the voice of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Preventative, and Regenerative Medicine, a 2002 report published in the journal Climacteric on hormone replacement therapy claimed that the restorative medicine caused heart attacks and breast cancer. Overtime, these claims were revealed to be unsubstantiated and conflicted with the reported data. The women participants in the study were supposed to be a mixture of those going through and near menopause, but there were not enough recently menopausal women, which also distorted the results.

“This study deprived women of the benefits that come with restorative medicine.”

The results of this study didn’t only scare physicians out of using hormone therapy, but it also deprived menopausal women of the many benefits that come with the restorative medicine. According to Healthline, some of the most common symptoms that come with menopause, due to a dip in estrogen levels, include hot flashes, vaginal dryness, chills, irregular sleep and excessive sweating. Hormone therapy has the ability to ease the discomfort of such symptoms.

Try hormone replacement therapy at the Longevity Centres
At Longevity Centres of America, you can put your trust in our expert physicians who have based their hormone replacement therapy work around that of endocrinologist Thierry Hertoghe, M.D, one of the thought leaders in hormone modulation. We can replenish your body with hormones identical to the ones that once existed in your system, helping to restore your levels of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid hormones, DHEA, melatonin, cortisol or pregnenolone.

Let us help you rejuvenate your body by increasing your energy, elevating your mood and enhancing your sexual desire through hormone therapy. We look forward to helping you gain back your youth and live life to the fullest.