If you’re experiencing a drop in energy level and sexual stamina, as well as the lust for life you once knew, there is a chance that these changes may be hormonal. As men age, their testosterone levels fall, just as estrogen does in women. This, for some males, can result in a condition called andropause, or male menopause.

And, according to a recent piece from The Huffington Post, this condition may affect several aspects of your life. Recently, anti-aging doctor Damon Raskin opened up to the source about this relatively little-known issue. Dr. Raskin recalled that an older patient visited his clinic with a list of concerns: he had lost his sex drive, felt fatigued, couldn’t focus at work and was not seeing the same results from his exercise regimen.

Most of these issues, said Dr. Raskin, could be ascribed to the fact that the patient also had depleted levels of testosterone. Upon undergoing hormone replacement for men, the anti-aging doctor explained, his patient reported a new zest for life and had rekindled a physical relationship with his wife.

Though testosterone is a sex hormone, it effects extend well beyond your libido.

“Often, they just feel almost depressed, not like their old selves, they don’t want to do the things that used to bring them pleasure,” said Dr. Raskin of the men who typically seek out anti-aging hormones.

To help men regain their sense of vitality, Longevity Centres of America offers testosterone replacement therapy in the form of hormone pellet implants. This method is one of the most effective forms of hormone replacement that allows for the safe release of testosterone in response to your body’s needs.