Houston women going through menopause have enough to contend with – from hot flashes to mood fluctuations – without adding osteoporosis to the mix. However, bone loss is rampant at this stage in life, leaving the population of menopausal women at a greater risk of hip fractures and other injuries that can get in the way of simply enjoying life.

However, the North American Menopause Society has just announced some very promising news for middle-aged women who are experiencing this shift. According to a press release from the organization, data from the Women's Health Initiative has revealed that hormone replacement therapy paired with vitamin D and calcium supplementation may help curtail bone loss and reduce the risk of fractures.

Just under 30,000 women took part in the trial, which was backed by the National Institutes of Health. One group received hormone replacement therapy with daily supplements, another only underwent the hormone treatments and a third was given placebos of both.

Recently released analysis indicates that the women from the first group suffered the lowest fracture rates overall, leading the researchers to speculate that vitamin D and calcium supplements could help postmenopausal females get the most out of their hormone pellet implants.

"The supplements and hormones had a synergistic effect," the press release states.

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