Spring is usually seen as the season of new life, rejuvenation and fresh beginnings, but late Summer may actually be the healthiest time of year for locally grown foods.

There's no better time to find locally grown fruits and vegetables than the July – August period when many of them are in season and farmers are harvesting. Farmers' markets and grocery stores that support local produce are the best places to look if you want to find an abundance of healthy eats.

Buying locally grown goods is better for your health for a number of reasons. Since the produce doesn't travel far from source to shelf, it doesn't need to be pumped full of chemicals to stay fresh. Other than freezing, every method of preservation results in a loss of nutrients. By choosing to eat fruits and veggies that have been grown organically near your Houston home, you can ensure that you get all of their natural goodness.

While the health benefits of eating local are widely publicized, many people don't realize that locally grown foods can also be good for your wallet. When farms are enjoying plentiful harvests, the price of their goods usually comes down. This gives buying local produce a distinct edge over purchasing organic food. Because of the high volume this time of year, and the fact that local produce doesn't carry the transportation costs that some organic fruits and veggies might have built in, it is often a more economical choice. Those who can take advantage of local farmers who also grow organically are able to get the best of both worlds.

Healthy eating is key to feeling your best and allowing you to age gracefully. For more guidance on practices that lead to a long healthy life or questions about anti aging treatments, contact our clinic in Houston.