We all know that too much stress is harmful to our health – even if we don't quite understand how. Once you feel that rush of cortisol flooding your system, you just know it must be wreaking havoc on your aging longevity. High degrees of stress have been linked to hypertension, heart issues, weight fluctuations and more, so finding ways to manage the amount of anxiety in your life is essential to age gracefully.

In addition, a recent study has just indicated that women in particular must be mindful of their stress levels. According to HealthDayNews, BMJ Open – an open access medical journal – featured a study regarding Alzheimer's risk and stress in middle age. Researchers have reportedly found that females who experience more day-to-day frustration and anxiety may be more likely to develop this degenerative condition later in life.

The exact reason for the relationship has yet to be discovered, but given that one in eight senior citizens suffer from Alzheimer's disease, this new study may be grounds enough for middle-aged women to reevaluate how they deal with stress and whether they can reduce their exposure. This can range from asking for a bit of support from family or friends to practicing a relaxing and brain-boosting exercise like yoga.

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