While there are many safeguards put in place to protect the general public from toxins and harsh chemicals, sometimes we simply just don't know the harm certain substances can cause. Consider how long we relied on DDT and asbestos before determining that exposure to these compounds could severely impact overall health and aging longevity. Now it seems that a comparably eye-opening discovery may lead to heavier restrictions on the heavy metal tungsten.

"Whilst our current exposure to tungsten is thought to be very low, recent years have seen a significant increase in the demand and supply of the material — which is commonly used in consumer products such as mobile phones and computers, as well as a number of industrial and military products," a press release from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom states.

So what potential harm lies in exposure to this heavy metal? Researchers from the university have discovered that higher levels of tungsten in the blood stream were linked to a substantially greater risk of suffering a stroke, which is the leading cause of disability for adults around the world, the source notes.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 795,000 Americans experience this event each year, and depending on the severity and the time that passes before treatment, it can prove debilitating and even fatal. It is in part because of this risk that we advise our patients to pursue heart-healthy lifestyles and moderate their blood pressure.

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