Heart disease is one of the greatest threats to aging longevity today, and is the leading cause of death worldwide. Because of this, we've devoted several blog posts to the steps you can take to protect your long-term health via diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices. Recently, researchers from Boston University have revealed another way that men who are particularly at risk for heart issues may be able to ward off this illness.

According to a press release from the Boston University Medical Center, researchers have found that men who suffer from metabolic syndrome, who face a greater likelihood of diabetes and heart disease, could potentially benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. Why? Because these individuals generally have low levels of this crucial hormone, which is involved with more complex bodily processes than an active libido alone. By elevating the amount of testosterone in men with metabolic syndrome, the researchers found that they may develop better lipid profiles that influence weight retention, cholesterol and more.

"These data are congruent with our previous work in which we reported that long-term testosterone resulted in a gradual decline in weight and waist circumference and strongly suggests that testosterone therapy in hypogonadal men may prove useful in reducing the risk of cardiometabolic disease," said professor Abdulmaged Traish, MBA, PhD, in the release.

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