As the years go on, people become more susceptible to a number of afflictions than can significantly hamper their quality of life.  But, though many of these conditions, such as arthritis and cognitive decline, may be perceived as an inevitable part of aging, our anti-aging doctors know that this isn’t necessarily so. One of the best ways fend off these conditions and age gracefully is to understand how they are related to one another.

Heart disease is a common health concern among older Americans. Because of the substantial risks posed by this condition, including stroke, heart attack and death, the National Heart Association has launched large-scale public awareness campaigns to teach people about more heart-healthy habits.

In addition, a new study has revealed another reason to promote heart health. According to researchers from The Mayo Clinic, cardiovascular disease may be linked to a mild form of mental impairment that can act as a precursor to dementia.

After evaluating the medical records of a group of 2,719 elderly individuals over a 15 month period, the scientists involved in the research found that the participants who  reported having heart disease at the beginning of the study were more likely to develop “nonamenestic mild cognitive impairment,” in the 15-month time frame than those who did not have cardiac issues.

“Prevention and management of cardiac disease and vascular risk factors are likely to reduce the risk [of this cognitive decline],” concluded lead author Dr. Rosebud Roberts.

In addition to eating well and exercising regularly, a National Institutes of Health-sponsored study released in November revealed that IV chelation therapy may also help manage symptoms of heart disease. Longevity Centres proudly took part in the study, and continues to offer other forms of infusion therapy that may promote aging longevity.