Back in March, we reviewed a study indicating that Houston residents who were concerned about heart health could benefit from following a Mediterranean-style diet. According to research from the Universidad de Navarra in Spain, people who opted for this cuisine – which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fresh produce – were less at risk for heart disease and other complications than those who stuck to a low-fat diet modeled after Western eating habits. Now, a new report from the same university has indicated that Mediterranean food can promote aging longevity in a different area too.

Participants who were involved with the study, all of whom were between 55 and 80 years of age and had a high risk of cardiovascular complications – were instructed to follow this diet and regularly undergo health screenings over the course of six years. Another group was required to eat standard low-fat fare. The scientists observed that people who consumed the Mediterranean diet did not show the same degree of cognitive decline as time went on, leading the researchers to conclude that it may provide increased protection against age-related mental degeneration.

"A Mediterranean diet is characterized by the use of virgin olive oil as the main culinary fat; high consumption of fruits, nuts, vegetables and pulses; moderate to high consumption of fish and seafood; low consumption of dairy products and red meat; and moderate intake of red wine," a press release published by ScienceDaily notes.

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