Weight management is an issue that many people struggle with. Whether you're just trying to shift a few stubborn pounds, or are considering medical weight loss in Houston, you aren't alone in trying to improve your health and get into better shape. However, a recent study from Florida State University (FSU) has indicated another risk factor for obesity that people trying to lose weight may have to contend with.

According to a press release from the open source scientific journal PLOS, exposure to "weightism" – or the act of discriminating against heavier individuals – may reduce their chances of reaching a healthier weight.

"This could lead to a vicious cycle where individuals who are overweight and obese are more vulnerable to weight discrimination, and this discrimination may contribute to subsequent obesity and difficulties with weight management," said FSU assistant professor Angela Sutin, one of the lead researchers involved with the study.

This correlation was determined by reviewing the height and weight of approximately 6,000 people twice in a four-year period. The scientists found that participants who reported experiencing weight discrimination during these assessments were more likely to either remain or become obese within the timeframe of the study.

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