Though most people in Houston have a general idea of the changes women experience when they go through menopause – namely the hot flashes, weight fluctuations and mood shifts, among other symptoms – they may not realize that men can also go through such a transformation. Andropause, also known as "male menopause," may not be as widely discussed, but this condition affects everything from sex drive to muscle mass, and can make any man feel older than his years.

This shift is a result of the natural drop in testosterone and other vital hormones that occurs as we age. However, there are certain health concerns that may accelerate this process. According to ScienceDaily, men who experience heart failure are more likely to develop this issue earlier on in life, as cardiac conditions can impair the function of endocrine glands that govern hormone production.

"Heart failure leads to anabolic hormone deficiencies at a relatively young age and thereby accelerates male aging and the development of [andropause]." said Professor Ewa Jankowska of the Wroclaw Medical University in Poland. The research was presented at the Heart Failure Congress 2013 held in Lisbon, Portugal on May 25.

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