Amid so many reports of chronic ailments, pollution and other factors that can dramatically reduce aging longevity, it's refreshing to come across news that actually bodes well for men in women in Houston who hope to age gracefully.

According to a recent press release, researchers from Harvard University have discovered that despite concerns over Alzheimer's Disease, obesity, diabetes and other wide-sweeping medical issues, people are actually living longer and enjoying better health as they grow older.

Led by Harvard's Otto Eckstein Professor of Applied Economics, David Cutler, the researchers analyzed two decades worth of responses to the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey dating from 1991 to 2009. The questionnaire focused on how well Medicare recipients were able to care for themselves through the years, the press release states.

In reviewing this data, Cutler and his research team determined that many Americans enjoyed relatively high mobility and self-reliance in their later years.

"Where we used to see people who are very, very sick for the final six or seven years of their life, that's now far less common. People are living to older ages and we are adding healthy years, not debilitated ones," Cutler explained.

One potential cause for this promising trend, the researchers noted, is the substantial advancement of medical and anti-aging treatments. Cutler also referenced the fact that Americans as a whole are more informed about the lifestyle habits that can either improve or impair their aging longevity.

In addition, there are several treatments including hormone pellet implants, infusion therapy and more that have been specifically devised to tackle the physiological changes that occur as people grow older. If you feel that you've lost your lust for life, or are frustrated with the effects of menopause and other age-related issues, contact Longevity Centres of America in Houston to find out how you can feel healthier and happier today.