In light of the alarming increase in cancer cases around the world in the last few years, there has been a lot of speculation about the social and environmental factors that may be affecting the surge. It seems like rarely a day goes by when some new culprit – be it toxic heavy metals or other chemical concoctions – isn’t named in this medical trend.

With that in mind, it is especially uplifting when news breaks about ways to decrease the risk of contracting this condition. Colon cancer, for instance, is the third most common form of the affliction in the country. But, according to a recent report from NutraIngredients USA, multiple studies have shown that simply adding more magnesium to your diet may help reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Magnesium levels have been linked to rates of colon cancer as early as 2005, but the latest study has compiled data from eight separate investigations into the connection. Researchers from the Soochow University in China evaluated 8,000 recorded cases of colon cancer from around the world, among the files of 330,000 participants from the various trials, and established a clear correlation between the consumption of magnesium and overall risk of being diagnosed with the disease.

“Results indicated that the highest average intakes of magnesium were associated with an 11 percent reduction in the risk of colorectal cancer, compared with the lowest average intakes,” the source states,

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