Tooth injuries, often caused by accidental falls, can be difficult to fix and may even compromise root development. However, recent research shows stem cells may be the answer to reviving what could've been a "dead" tooth. 

The study
The clinical trial, led by Songtao Shi of the University of Pennsylvania, professor and chair in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology in the School of Dental Medicine (along with researchers Yan Jin, Kun Xuan, and Bei Li of the Fourth Military Medicine University in Xi'an) was developed to discover whether stem cells extracted from baby teeth could be used to regrow dental tissue.

"Can stem cells extracted from baby teeth be used to regrow dental tissue?"

"This treatment gives patients sensation back in their teeth. If you give them a warm or cold stimulation, they can feel it; they have living teeth again," Shi explained in the study. "So far we have follow-up data for two, two and a half, even three years and have shown it's a safe and effective therapy."

The first trial enrolled 40 children who had each injured one of their permanent incisors and still had baby teeth. Thirty of the children were assigned stem cell treatment, while the other 10 were the controls.

The results
The researchers found that those who received the stem cell treatment experienced blood flow increase and showed more signs of healthy root development and thicker dentin.

"For me the results are very exciting," Shi says. "To see something we discovered take a step forward to potentially become a routine therapy in the clinic is gratifying. "We're really eager to see what we can do in the dental field, and then building on that to open up channels for systemic disease therapy."

Stem cells and the Longevity Centres
At the Longevity Centres, we're intrigued by stem cells and how they're transforming the world of restorative medicine in its current state. With stem cell use for joint pain, autoimmune disorders, cardiac issues and neurological disorders already underweight, we're excited to dive deeper into the potential for systemic disease therapy and more in the future.

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