The stem cell therapy field continues to grow exponentially due to looser federal restrictions. In 2009 Washington officials lifted the restrictions placed down by the Bush administration, giving stem cell scientists more freedom to test new cell procedures. And since then, scientists ahve been able to accomplish extraordinary feats such as passing a Phase II ALS study involving stem cells and assisting those with severe eye conditions.

Take for example, Shawn Rockafellow, a truck driver, who suffered from a genetic disease that caused him to quickly lose his vision. Rockafellow had stem cell therapy on both eyes, according to The Wall Street Journal, and after three months his eye sight drastically improved. His vision went from 20/100 to 20/400 and then to 20/300.

“With advancements in stem cell technology and more people

opting for the treatment.”

But with advancements in stem cell technology and more people opting for the treatment, government officials are once again eyeing regulations to ensure therapy and procedures don’t get out of control.

“We need to make sure that these technologies are reliable and reproducible, time and time again, before you put them into patients,” said Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina according to The Wall Street Journal.

Paula Gristanti, chairwoman of the National Stem Cell Foundation, supported the idea of keeping facilities in check.

“This is the future of health care, using your own stem cells to fix problems, not drugs,” noted Grisanti. “But clinics that make over-the-top claims that a single stem-cell therapy will cure ALS or Parkinson’s or other diseases raise huge safety and ethical concerns. It gives the whole field a black eye.”

As you may already know, stem cell therapy isn’t without controversy. Many once disagreed with how scientists extracted stem cells (from fetuses), but today, professionals can extract the cells from various parts of the body. Others, despite many success stories, still question the practice and wonder just how effective stem cells are considering they’re not altered during surgery.

“…​Funadamentallly, all we are doing is a simple, surgical procedure. This is not witch-doctor stuff. We are repairing cell damage with people’s own cells,” Said Mark Berman, a Beverly Hills, California, cosmetic surgeon.

Trust us when we say the positive results from stem cell therapy speak for themselves. You don’t need dangerous drugs or invasive procedures to heal the body. Many times it can do so on its own, as long as you give it a little push.

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