Each year, millions of people deal with allergies. And just as many have to watch as another year passes them by where they can’t take part in their favorite outdoor activities.

That, however, could be a thing of a past with sublingual immunotherapy, an alternative treatment method devised to manage allergies without subjecting allergy sufferers to uncomfortable injections.

“You know that fresh cut grass smell a lot of people love? I couldn’t stand that smell. It was a smell of don’t go outside,” said allergy sufferer John Mueller, according to WNDU. He noted that allergies were “affecting my quality of life. I wasn’t able to go outside and have that outside time with my boys.”

SLIT immunotherapy has transformed his life – one that now allows him to go outside and play in the grass as much as he wants.

What is SLIT Therapy?

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved three types of SLIT tablets for grass and short ragweed allergies, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Much easier to take than allergy shots such as subcutaneous immunotherapy, sufferers can use SLIT therapy at home after their initial consultations.

AAAAI does note that some people could have a severe allergic reaction to SLIT therapy. That’s why it’s crucial you speak to both your allergy specialist and professionals, such as those who work at Longevity & Stem Cell Centre.

While it’s nearly impossible to predict exactly how someone will react to a certain drug or treatment method, it’s possible to make a well-informed educated guess based on past treatment procedures and outcomes.

If you’re sick and tired (literally) of taking over-the-counter allergy medication, try SLIT immunotherapy.