Platelet-rich plasma for G-Spot Sensitizer

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PRP injections to sensitize the G-Spot

Women who have trouble with incontinence or lack of sexual response may want to look into PRP injections as well. These common symptoms of aging can cause serious emotional distress, and PRP may be able to resolve them. Injecting PRP into the area of the urethral sphincter can help with incontinence, and clitoral and G-spot injections can increase sexual pleasure.

A study in Neurourology and Urodynamics found that injections of total nucleated cells (TNCs) and platelets into the urethral sphincter were able to completely resolve problems with urinary incontinence for all nine participating patients. For women who suffer from incontinence, this treatment can eliminate the stress and embarrassment that comes with the disorder.

There have also been studies indicating that injecting PRP into the vagina and clitoris can help to treat female sexual dysfunction (FSD). According to the study, about 40 percent of sexually active women in the U.S. will experience FSD at some point during their lifetime, and symptoms can range from pain during intercourse to the inability to have an orgasm. By measuring participants’ level of sexual dysfunction before and after clitoral and vaginal PRP injections, the researchers were able to determine that PRP may be a promising treatment for the disorder.

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