IV Chelation Therapy

IV Chelation Therapy - armor plating against our hazardous environment
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What is IV Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is defined as a chemical process that occurs when a substance binds to molecules. Most commonly, chelation therapy is used to rid the body of excess toxins and metals.

Dual Chelation

The Dual Chelation form of IV Chelation utilizes the ingredients of the 30-minute Longevity Chelation with the additional Active Ingredient...

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Longevity Chelation

The Longevity form of IV Chelation utilizes many of the same ingredients of the 3-hour Traditional Chelation protocol but with...

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Traditional Chelation

Also known as the ACAM Protocol, this 3hr infusion is the grand-daddy of all IV Chelations. This protocol has been...

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Detoxification pathways of the liver and kidneys

IV Chelation Therapy is an intravenous detoxification therapy using a Chelating Agent.. The Chelating Agent has the ability to attach to heavy metals such as lead and mercury, forming a strong bond called a chelate. Once this chelate is formed, the toxic metals will be excreted by normal bodily detoxification pathways of both the Liver and Kidneys.

IV Chelation Therapy News

We all dream of living a healthy, active life, well into old age. While it’s true none of us know what’s around the corner, there’s a great deal we can do to enhance not only the quality of our years, but just as importantly, its quality.

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How to Reduce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

5 Ways to Reduce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

March 7, 2019 by Gurney F. Pearsall, Jr., M.D.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a report by the Institute of...
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What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

March 7, 2019 by Gurney F. Pearsall, Jr., M.D.

According to the Institute of Medicine, it's estimated that 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans live...
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Understanding the Benefits of Infusion Therapy

Understanding the Benefits of Infusion Therapy

March 7, 2019 by Gurney F. Pearsall, Jr., M.D.

  According to the National Health Council, chronic disease impacts nearly 133 million Americans, which...
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Dr. Pearsall was terrific

Dr. Pearsall was terrific. Took the time to explain any and all procedures. Very informative....
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- Warren R.

Hyperbaric chamber injury

The hyperbaric chamber is helping me heal an injury. The surprise benefit is my skin...
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- Suzanne S.

Helped my child severe outbursts

Dr. Pearsall is the first doctor that has ever helped my 11-year-old daughter. She took...
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- Beth L.

Quality of life significantly improved

I have been a patient of Dr. Pearsall for more than 10 years. Most importantly,...
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- Alex L.

So thankful I was introduced to Dr Pearsall

So thankful I was introduced to Dr. Gurney and Dr. Pearsall and their wonderful staff!...
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- Rochelle H.

Gurney Pearsall Amazing Anti Aging Doctor

Dr. Marina Pearsall and Dr. Gurney Pearsall are not only amazing in their practice but...
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- Lucia N

Flawless Travel Arrangements & Procedure

All arrangements, lodging, appointments, etc had been made for us so the process was very...
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- Gayle S

Science Based Anti Aging Therapies

Very professional....therapies based on sound science. My life has definitely been enhanced....
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- David W.

Chelation treatment in Houston!

I was grateful to find Chelation treatment in Houston! Completed over 40 treatments, as prescribed...
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- Pieter V.

I Trust Doctor Pearsall

I have been a patient of Dr. G. Pearsall for years now. I will never...
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- Teresita M.