Chelation Therapy - ACAM Protocol

Uses: Chronic Heavy Metal Toxicity (ie: Lead), Cardiovascular Disease

Contains: Disodium EDTA

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In addition to the natural dip in hormone levels that takes place as people age, environmental factors can also play a part in the aging process – accelerating mental and physical decline and increasing the risk of serious illness.

In the last 20 years, the dangers posed by exposure to lead, mercury and other heavy metals has become more widely known, and as a result, agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission are set in place to monitor the use of these materials in everyday items.

However, despite increased regulations, heavy metals are still all too prevalent in daily life.

So, to preserve the health and aging longevity of our patients, the Restorative Medical Doctors at Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston offer IV chelation therapy – a detoxifying treatment that rids the body of harmful agents.

What is heavy metal toxicity?

While acute heavy metal toxicity involves a single incident of poisoning, often in an industrial setting, chronic heavy metal toxicity is a more complex condition.

In contrast to the IV chelation treatment offered by Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston, many chelation clinics focus solely on one or two elements – primarily lead and mercury.

However, our Restorative Medical Doctors believe this oversimplifies the issue.

Chronic heavy metal toxicity is considerably more common than the acute occurrence, and is generally caused by long-term exposure to multiple toxins.

That is why our specialists carefully analyze the symptoms of every patient to determine which elements may be at work. In doing so, we’ve been able to establish chemical causes for conditions as varied as depression and heart disease.

Exposure to heavy metals can cause disruptions in healthy enzymatic function within the body and impair long-term health. This is especially dangerous in light of the the widespread mineral deficiencies among most Americans.

Enzyme catalysts – the elements in the body that spur essential cellular processes – typically involve a specified level of minerals, so a lack of essential compounds like calcium, paired with an excess of toxic materials, can lead to several physical and mental issues.

What are the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity?

Depending on the elements you’ve come into contact with, heavy metal toxicity may present itself in the form of chronic fatigue, hypertension and renal failure, among others.

Arsenic exposure, for example, has been linked to fatigue, hair loss, headaches, anemia, skin rash and hypopigmentation and dermatitis.

Cadmium is another toxic metal that can build up in an individual’s system and remain within the tissue for years. This mineral may cause kidney problems and respiratory illnesses, and impair your sense of smell.

IV chelation was initially developed to treat lead poisoning – which was a common health concern in the 1940s. Exposure to this mineral can disrupt healthy brain function and impair the nervous system. In children, excess lead may impede cognitive development, leading to learning problems later in life.

Mercury poisoning is well-known to cause psychological issues, but this mineral has also been linked to anemia, diminished sensory abilities and increased amounts of saliva with a distinct metallic taste.

How can ACAM chelation therapy help?

IV chelation therapy has been used for decades to extricate toxic metals that have accumulated in a patient’s blood and tissue.

After performing a series of tests to identify any harmful buildup, the specialists at Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston devise a method of treatment to target these toxins. ACAM protocol treatment utilizes a slow-drip infusion of Disodium EDTA to address coronary heart disease and heavy metal toxicity.

These issues can also be treated with a rapid-drip IV Chelation using Calcium Disodium. Finally, there is an additional oral option that specifically targets mercury deposits.

Much like hormone pellet implants, IV chelation is a process that cannot be patented and therefore can’t be profited from by big-name pharmaceutical companies. Although this fact may keep it from entering the mainstream, decades of research, including the Cypher Report, have demonstrated how IV chelation treatment can combat heart disease, stroke and senility, among other conditions that may prevent patients from aging gracefully.

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