Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) Treatment

This potent and versatile antioxidant is usually administered as a separate infusion. It is routinely offered solo or as a “dessert” after a previous infusion therapy such as the Meyer’s Cocktail.

Alpha lipoic acid renews other antioxidants thus prolonging their effectiveness, increases cellular quantities of glutathione peroxidase (a potent antioxidant that passes the blood brain barrier), increases the effectiveness of insulin and it is beneficial in liver health. It is sometimes referred to as “the Master Antioxidant.”

At Longevity Centres of America, we offer a number of intravenous treatments that have been specifically devised to bolster the body’s natural defenses and promote aging longevity.

Our Alpha Lipoid Acid (ALA) infusion therapy is often administered along with other intravenous treatments, but it also has substantial anti-aging benefits on its own.

Though fluctuations in hormone levels are largely responsible for the physical and psychological transformations that people experience as they age, cancer, arthritis and other medical conditions that are more common later in life can also accelerate the aging process.

The ALA treatment offered at our Houston and Denver clinics has been designed to fend off these afflictions by reinforcing the body’s defenses against preventable wear and tear.

What is Alpha Lipoid Acid?

Antioxidants play an essential role in the body, as they protect cells from free radicals – the unstable molecules within our systems that cause damage by stealing electrons – ultimately leaving the body more susceptible to serious diseases including cancer.

While free radicals naturally form in the body, exposure to environmental toxins and unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking and the consumption of fried food can increase their numbers and ultimately lead to further cell damage.

This, researchers have found, can have a profound effect of the aging process.

Alpha Lipoid Acid (ALA) is often referred to as “The Master Antioxidant” because, as well as performing this function, it also renews other antioxidants, thereby reinforcing the immune system in myriad ways.

ALA infusion therapy is primarily used to cleanse heavy metals and other toxins from the liver by increasing the production of glutathione, which dissolves these substances and also enhances the performance of other antioxidants.

What medical conditions can be treated with ALA therapy?

Since the cell damage caused by free radicals can cause several potentially life-threatening conditions, counteracting these effects with ALA treatment can address many different health complications.

According to the American Diabetes Association, there are over 28 million Americans currently living with this metabolic disorder.

ALA infusion therapy can be used to help keep blood sugar levels where they should be, both for diagnosed diabetics and those who are concerned they may be on that path.

High cholesterol is another health issue that is common among middle-age individuals and can lead to more serious medical concerns such as cardiovascular disease.

In addition to lowering cholesterol levels, ALA treatment can also help treat this severe and prevalent health complication.

Our intravenous therapy has been shown to counteract the hardening of the arteries – a symptom of cardiovascular disease that significantly increases the risk of a heart attack.

Finally, the Restorative Medical Doctors at Longevity Centres of America have administered ALA treatment to patients experiencing the early stages of cataracts.

This is because ALA preserves the lens and retinas from degeneration, and can also alleviate symptoms of glaucoma.

What are the other benefits of ALA infusion therapy?

While ALA infusion therapy can be especially beneficial for people with the medical conditions listed above, it has substantial anti-aging benefits for anyone – however healthy they may already be.

Its primary functions – cleansing the liver of toxins and championing the fight against free radicals – can help anyone feel happier and healthier.

But, ALA also helps the body make the most of other nutrients, such as vitamins A and E.

ALA can easily be absorbed from meats and vegetables including spinach, and can also be taken in supplement from.

However, the intravenous ALA infusion therapy offered at Longevity Centres of America is the most effective way to flood your system with this essential antioxidants, so you can enjoy its health benefits immediately.

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