Previously on this blog, we reported on the incredible benefits of walnuts for aging longevity, as indicated by the large-scale Spanish study on dietary choices and long-term health, PREDIMED. Now, it seems that researchers are coming to better understand the nature of this effect.

According to a recent report from Connecticut’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, scientists have discovered that snacking on walnuts could provide a particular boon for overweight Americans. A press release published by ScienceDaily states that study participants who consumed 56 grams of walnuts a day for eight weeks saw improved endothelial function. The endothelium is the thin layer of cells that lines our blood vessels and dysfunction here can be linked to heart disease and diabetes, among other conditions that threaten aging longevity.

All participants were overweight non-smokers who bore at least one risk factor for metabolic syndrome. Based on the findings from this study, the researchers concluded that adults who are carrying a few extra pounds and are concerned about their health should consider adding these nuts to their diets.

“We know that improving diets tends to be hard, but adding a single food is easy. Our theory is that if a highly nutritious, satiating food like walnuts is added to the diet, there are dual benefits: the benefits of that nutrient rich addition and removal of the less nutritious foods,” lead author Dr. David Katz explained.

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