Affecting one in eight senior citizens in the United States, Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of dementia – is undeniably one of the greatest health concerns facing the country. And, as members of the baby boomer generation grow older, this degenerative condition is expected to put an even greater strain on legislators, caregivers and the public at large.

As of 2010, approximately 4.7 million individuals were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a disorder that is characterized by severe memory loss in its later stages. And, according to a recent report from the Rush Institute for Healthy Aging in Chicago, that figure is set to skyrocket by 2050. WebMD reports that, based on current trends, the researchers project that 13.8 million Americans – roughly three times the 2010 figure – will be diagnosed with the disease by that time

Though there is no definitive cure to Alzheimer’s disease as of yet, research into its causes, as well as prevention and treatment methods, is ongoing. In the meantime, taking steps to promote your overall wellness and aging longevity may help you maintain your physical and mental fitness as the years roll on. Previously, this blog has featured anti-aging research that has touted the potential benefits of regular exercise for cognitive function, as well as specific dietary choices that can promote cognitive health in general.

Memory loss is one of many aspects of the aging process that can significantly impair your quality of life. If you want to look and feel your best in your twilight years, our anti-aging doctors can help. At Longevity Centres of America, we specialize in rejuvenating procedures that may address many frustrating elements of aging.