While many men and women in Houston have a general sense of the dietary choices that can improve or impair their aging longevity, sometimes the minute details can get a bit muddled. With so many crossed wires about everyday products like cooking oils and sweeteners, figuring out the healthiest option can be downright dizzying.

Recently, researchers from the University of Missouri and the University of Illinois joined forces to produce an objective review of vegetable oil and its effect on long-term health, focusing on canola, sunflower and soy varieties. These products are typically used in place of animal fat when cooking, but rumors have circulated among medical professionals and the general population that such oils could pose health issues of their own.

To determine this, University of Missouri researcher Kevin Fritsche and University Illinois adjunct professor Guy Johnson reviewed the results from various clinical trials regarding the impact of linoleic acid – a compound found in vegetable oil – on internal inflammation. Animal fats have been shown to instigate this swelling, which is associated with several chronic ailments, but the researchers ultimately found that vegetable oils did not produce the same effect.

"We're not saying that you should just go out and consume vegetable oil freely. However, our evidence does suggest that you can achieve a heart-healthy diet by using soybean, canola, corn and sunflower oils instead of animal-based fats when cooking,' said Fritsche, according to a press release published by ScienceDaily.

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