As we age our bodies break down, and we're not as likely to perform at optimal levels. One issue many men age 40 and older experience is erectile dysfunction. According to Healthline, 5 percent of men 40 years of age and older and around 50 percent of men 50 years of age and older experience ED. The older men become, the more likely they'll have the disorder.

While commercials for drugs like Viagra and Cialis have caused many to believe ED is a normal occurrence in older adults, MyLifeStages states this is not true in all instances. 

"For young men, specifically, ED can be a warning sign for more serious diseases."

For young men, ED can be a red flag. "Young men, especially, should be aware that ED can be an early warning sign of heart disease," said Dr. Robert James, MD, urologist with Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation who spoke to MyLifeStages. 

If you have ED and are looking to solve the problem, think about scheduling PRP therapy.

PRP treatments are noninvasive medical procedures doctors use to treat many diseases. You've likely heard of famous athletes using PRP to heal serious sports injuries.

During PRP therapy, doctors extract a small amount of blood from the patient. Using a centrifuge they then separate the blood into platelets, and red and white blood cells. When treating for ED, doctors first apply anesthetic cream to the injection sites. Next, doctors introduce PRP to the tissue, and from there, new sensory cells and blood vessels develop.

Unlike other surgical procedures, PRP therapy is relatively fast and there is little to no downtime, although the treatment is different for each patient.