It's easy to assume that the holiday season inevitably signifies the undoing of weeks – if not months – of strict dieting and exercise. However, the platters loaded with sweet potato, stuffing and other Thanksgiving staples that will soon cover your table don't have to spell your dietary demise.

"If there is one thing I know in life, it's diets," says Cindy Pearlman, who has ghostwritten countless celebrity diet books over the years, in an article for the healthy living website

And, according to Pearlman, it is within your power to keep your weight under control, even on a day that is dedicated to food.

Her first suggestion may initially seem a bit counterintuitive: Don't starve yourself before the main event. You might be apprehensive about your caloric intake on Turkey Day, by skipping out on earlier meals actually means you're more likely to load up on rich holiday fare, all without giving your metabolism time to warm up.

In addition, Pearlman suggests devoting 45 minutes to some solid cardio at some point during the day. Even if you have a hand in the preparations, just put that turkey in the oven and duck out for a brisk jog at the very least.

In fact, why not suggest that the entire group goes out for a nice neighborhood stroll in between courses? As well as burning off some of the food you've just ingested and shaking off the resulting slothfulness, you'll establish that Thanksgiving isn't just about the food, but about togetherness.

But, some people, no matter how often they exercise or how strictly they monitor their caloric intake, may find that it simply isn't enough to shed their excess pounds. The Longevity Centres of America offers medical weight loss in Houston and Denver to help individuals regain control of their weight so they can live well and age gracefully.