The primary goal of any parent in Denver or Houston is to take care of his or her children and promote their health and happiness. Doing so can be difficult, though, when there is a whole wealth of toxins surrounding us on a daily basis. In a report recently presented at the annual Pediatric Academic Societies in Washington D.C. on May 6, researchers revealed that the anti-inflammatory chemicals used in many household products could be having an impact on our children.

These compounds, known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), have been used in everything from couches to baby strollers to reduce the risk of fire, but studies have shown that these elements could pose a threat to human health on their own. Past research has indicated that PBDE exposure can lead to hyperactivity and impaired cognitive development.

"Because PBDEs exist in the home and office environment as they are contained in old furniture, carpet pads, foams and electronics, the study raises further concern about their toxicity in developing children," said lead author and University of Cincinnati assistant professor Dr. Aimin Chen in a press release published by ScienceDaily.

Exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals can affect your health and aging longevity in myriad ways. If you live in Houston or Denver and are concerned about this occurrence, our anti-aging doctors are on hand to help. We offer services including IV chelation therapy and hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment that have been designed to extract harmful pollutants from your system and infuse healthy clean oxygen and nutrients. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.