Due to the serious medical complications associated with obesity, most men and women in Houston know that reaching a healthy body weight is an important part of preserving their aging longevity. However, for some people, those extra pounds may seem impossible to get rid of. If you're struggling with your size, but still want to protect yourself from major concerns like heart disease, you're in luck. A new study has revealed that an antioxidant derived from wine and red grapes may be able to help.

According to a study abstract from the University of Southern Australia, a group of obese individuals who took a daily dose of the natural compound resveratrol for six weeks saw notable benefits in their circulatory system. Resveratrol is that compound that lends red wine its "heart healthy" reputation, and in this instance it has been shown to facilitate blood flow among a population that is particularly at risk for arterial blockages, hypertension and other issues that increase the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke.

"Daily resveratrol consumption was well tolerated and has the potential to maintain healthy circulatory function in obese adults," the scientists concluded.

Though this finding is promising for men and women struggling to lose weight, it doesn't entirely eliminate the health complications posed by obesity, which also include diabetes and even severe arthritis. If you have not been able to work off excess pounds via traditional methods like dieting and exercise, contact Longevity Centres of America today to learn about medical weight loss in Houston.