Caring for a child with autism can be an incredibly challenging task. Perhaps one of the greatest frustrations of any parent dealing with this condition is that, as of yet, there is still no actual cure. Instead, the treatment for autism typically involves a combination of medication and communication therapy. Some parents have also testified that using hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) for autism has had a positive impact on their children’s symptoms.

Through HBOT, patients are exposed to 100 percent pure oxygen in a special pressurized chamber. This makes it easier for the gaseous element to dissolve into the body’s cells, which are mostly liquid. Taking in a higher concentration of oxygen can help heal certain cells, and also reduce inflammation – making it a beneficial treatment option for a whole range of health conditions.

Because of its many applications, former Dallas Cowboy Ryan Neufeld decided to test it on two very different medical conditions: his post-concussion syndrome and his son’s autism.

According to CW33 News Dallas/Fort Worth, Neufeld, a former tight end who saw more than his fair share of collisions – can still feel the effects of his NFL career, even three years after retiring from the game.

“Headaches, short-term memory issues and some irritability,” are a few symptoms he deals with on a regular basis, the media outlet states.

In addition to helping ease some of these after-effects of his physically trying profession, Neufeld reportedly hopes that the healing abilities of oxygen chamber therapy may be beneficial for his son, who struggles with communicative limitations and behavioral issues as a result of his autism.

The versatility of this innovative treatment has made it possible for father and son to embark on this particular journey together. If you would like to learn more HBOT, the experienced team at The Longevity Centres of America can help.