It’s common knowledge that excessive exposure to harsh pollutants and toxins can be hazardous to your health. However, in some regions of the world, these harmful chemicals are a part of everyday life, and a new study has shown just how damaging they can be – particularly in terms of aging longevity.

In a large-scale study conducted by researchers from the United States, China and Israel, scientists sought to determine how the expansive air pollution present to the north of the Huai River in China has affected the overall health and life spans of residents there. According to a press release from MIT, the high concentration of particulates caused by burning coal has substantially curtailed the life expectancy of this population in contrast to individuals living south of the river, where coal is not burned in such volume.

MIT professor, economist and study co-author Michael Greenstone explained that “everyone understands it’s unpleasant to be in a polluted place […] but to be able to say with some precision what the health costs are, and what the loss of life expectancy is, puts a finer point on the importance of finding policies that balance growth with environmental quality.”

Even limited exposure to such pollutants can cause a potentially harmful accumulation in the body that can affect your health for years to come. As such, if you are concerned about this issue, schedule an appointment with the anti-aging doctors at Longevity Centres of America in Houston. We offer detoxification treatments including IV chelation and hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy that can help rid your body of pollutants.