On the heels of a recent study revealing the detrimental effects of air pollution on aging longevity in China, another large-scale research project has revealed even more grisly statistics. According to a report published by the scientific journal Environmental Research Letters, man-made air pollution could account for approximately 2 million premature deaths around the world every year.

As in the previous study, researchers determined that these deaths were potentially caused by the presence of particulate matter in the air, which can lead to severe respiratory problems when ingested. The majority of the fatalities associated with air pollution were suffered in East and South Asia, LiveScience reports, where air pollution is rampant.

"Air pollution is an important problem. It's probably one of the most important environmental risk factors for health," said contributing researcher Jason West, an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Even minor exposure to airborne pollutants can have a substantial impact on overall health and aging longevity, particularly because heavy metals and other toxic substances can accumulate within the body. As we've discussed in previous posts, women in Houston who are pregnant must be especially wary of their exposure to such pollutants, as a recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed a link between prenatal toxicity levels and autism.

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