As you grow older, there are many frustrating physiological changes to contend with that can substantially affect your quality of life – especially if they aren't mitigated by hormone pellet implants and other anti-aging treatments. One shift that many men and women experience is a loss of bone mass, which dramatically increases the risk of fractures and other injuries that can be difficult to bounce back from.

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is known to promote bone strength because it facilitates the absorption of calcium. In fact, earlier this month scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, revealed that as well as helping you develop more bone mass as you grow up, this compound may potentially prevent premature bone aging.

Now, yet another study has been published regarding the relationship between vitamin D levels and skeletal strength. According to reports, researchers from VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam have discovered that older adults who consume less of this vitamin may find routine tasks more difficult as they age.

"Seniors who have low levels of vitamin D are more likely to have mobility limitations and to see their physical functioning decline over time," study leader Evelien Sohl said in a press release, adding that this could lead to earlier admittance in an assisted living facility and increased risk of early mortality.

While relatively easy to come across during the summer months – since it is absorbed from direct sunlight – Vitamin D can prove a bit more elusive during drearier seasons, so men and women in Houston who are concerned about this issue may want to consider nutritional supplements.

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