For many women in Denver and Houston, the weight they put on after menopause is one of the most frustrating aspects of this transition. But, few have discussed another important aspect of these extra pounds that could have a great impact on long-term health: where this weight actually falls.

According to a new study from Concordia University in Canada, the dip in estrogen levels that is responsible for many of the physical and psychological changes related to menopause also affects the way your body stores fat. ScienceDaily reports that, generally, women tend to put on weight around their hips and thighs. This excess is “relatively harmless,” in terms of aging longevity, explains Concordia assistant professor and Clinical Nutrition department chair Sylvia Santosa.

However, once menopause sets in, Santosa states that a woman’s “body fat storage patterns” have been shown to shift, so that extra weight is carried around the abdomen instead. The source notes that this distribution is characteristic of men, and that it also poses greater health concerns.

“The fat stored around the abdomen is more dangerous. It has been associated with diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even some cancers,” says Santosa, adding that these risks make it all the more essential for women to understand how their estrogen levels influence this aspect of weight gain.

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