While many people may be able to shed their excess pounds by monitoring their diet and exercising regularly, for some, these conventional methods simply aren't enough to attain the leaner figure they desire – not just for aesthetics, but for their overall health and aging longevity. In these instances, medical weight loss in Houston or Denver has helped many of our clients overcome these initial hurdles to they can start leading healthier and happier lives.

And, according to an April study from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm – a research facility dedicated to medical innovations – certain forms of surgical intervention may have more substantial benefits on your overall health than you'd expect. The researchers discovered that undergoing medical weight loss surgery could actually change an individual's genetic makeup – specifically the genes that dictate how the body burns fat.

"After surgery, the levels of these genes are restored to a healthy state, which mirrors weight loss and coincides with overall improvement in metabolism," said senior author and professor Juleen Zierath in a press release

Statistically, obese individuals face a greater risk of serious illnesses including heart disease and diabetes. As such, shedding excess weight can have a big impact on your long-term health and wellbeing. If you've tried losing weight through traditional means but haven't been able to make any progress, you may be a candidate for medical weight loss. Contact the anti-aging doctors at Longevity Centres today to learn more about this procedure, or visit one of our clinics in Houston or Denver.