Men don't have the same energy when they're 50 as they did when they're 30 because they naturally experience a decline in testosterone as well as sexual hormones (testosterone) called androgens. Androgens are present in men and women, but males have much higher levels. As androgen levels drop, so too do men's mood, libido and energy . They may also experience erectile dysfunction and experience a reduction in muscular strength.

"More and more, men are turning to testosterone replacement therapy."

More and more men are turning to testosterone replacement therapy to improve their mental outlook and overall physique. There are two types of therapy Longevity & Stem Cell Centres offers for men: pellet therapy and testosterone injections. Both are sixth-month treatments and ultimately help the same cause, but we administer them a bit differently. Pellets – which tend to be favored – are placed gently underneath the skin, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. Testosterone injections are exactly as they sound – we inject the hormone into a patient.

Some people are, naturally, a bit worried about this treatment's side effects. For example, some men may experience male-pattern baldness, increased water retention and gynecomastia. Some who undergo too much therapy may also stop producing gonadotropin, a hormone that helps men develop erections and produce sperm.

We can limit and possibly even prevent these occurrences by having our patients undergo this treatment in cycles, changing the administered drugs accordingly and always following up with patients after the fact.

For those who are still somewhat skeptical, a recent study of 44,335 males, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that those who underwent testosterone replacement therapy had a 33 percent lower risk of experiencing cardiovascular problems.

T. Craig Cheetham, PharmD, M.S., of Kaiser Permanente's Southern California Department of Research & Evaluation, lead author of the study, said that he hopes less people are concerned about the therapy.

"Our hope is that these findings help alleviate the concerns that patients with androgen deficiency and their doctors may have had about prescribing and taking testosterone replacement therapy," Cheetham.

If you would like to schedule hormone pellet therapy, call Longevity & Stem Cell Centre today. We'd be happy to set up an appointment, diagnosis your hormone levels and set up a long-term plan to get your health back on track.