Exercising regularly and following a healthy, wholesome diet are keys to longevity and overall wellness. For some, those critical factors also determine healthy weight maintenance. For others, sometimes even the healthiest habits can’t shed the pounds. Those individuals may consider an alternative method, such as medical weight loss therapy. LAP-BAND® treatment, for example, is a safe and less invasive option in comparison to surgical procedures.

In essence, a LAP-BAND® is a ring of silicone that is placed around the upper portion of the stomach. It is then secured and adjusted to restrict the amount of food that can be eaten and digested. It has proven to be an effective option for weight loss and maintenance.

Is medical weight loss treatment the right option for me?
Shedding the extra pounds for looks is a plus, but there are a number of other reasons one may be ready to consider an alternative weight loss therapy. Consider the following

Shedding the extra pounds for looks is a plus, but there are a number of other reasons one may be ready to try an alternative weight loss therapy. Consider the following:

“Obesity is a complex issue on its own.”

1. To reduce your disease risk

While obesity is a complex issue on its own, it can also cause other poor health outcomes down the road. Being overweight may result in an increased chance of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, certain cancers and more, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With weight-loss treatment, you can lose the extra pounds and lessen your disease risk.

2. To improve your self-esteem

Losing extra weight benefits your physical being, but have you considered how it can impact your mental health? When you successfully begin to lose weight after treatment, you start to become more confident in your ability and your body. This results in improved self-esteem and boosted confidence.

3. To increase your energy levels

Carrying around extra weight takes a toll on your energy levels. That’s why you might be drowsy during the day, or have limited energy to make it to the gym after work. According to CNN, weight loss improves oxygen efficiency, so it’s easier to breathe during the day, sucking less energy out of you.

At Longevity Centres, we offer a variety of medical weight loss treatment options, including the LAP-BAND® therapy, for those struggling to meet their ideal weight. If you’re interested in learning more about our options, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to providing more information and helping you live your healthiest and happiest life.