If your sex life has been suffering because of erectile dysfunction, you're not alone. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine noted that one out of four patients with ED is under 40 years old. While Viagra and Cialis have helped men for years, people are beginning to use a different treatment option: PRP therapy.

"While Viagra and Cialis have helped men for years, people are beginning to use PRP therapy."

There are a number of reasons why men today are more likely to have ED than even 20 years ago, according to Markham Heid of Men's Health. He cites poor diet, insufficient exercise and increased reliance on medication. While it's critical that men who want to perform better in bed fix all of these issues, sometimes ED goes beyond daily life functions. It's an actual medical concern because of poor blood flow and circulation. In this case, PRP therapy can help.

"The benefits of the P-shot include tissue growth, which can lead to an increase of the length and girt of the penis, as well as the growth of new blood vessels, which can result in improved circulation and blood flow, increased sensation and pleasure because of better nerve sensitivity and enhanced performance due to stronger erections," said Dr. George Liakeas, medical director of Smooth Synergy Medical Spa and Lexington Medical Associates, according to Fox News Health.

He followed up to say that patients have reported significant improvement in their "sexual health following the P-Shot."

Could it really be a miracle solution for erectile dysfunction? For those who have ED, it certainly might be – at least for a year, which is how long it lasts. Unlike invasive surgery or the potentially dangerous effects of taking pills, PRP therapy offers a zero-downtime benefit that's difficult to pass up. Patients can return to performing their daily functions immediately with little to no side effects.

"I recommend the P-Shot to my clients because it's quick and [a] relatively pain-free procedure that has provided lasting and dramatic results for men who want a better sex life," said Liakeas.

To conduct the treatment, doctors draw blood and separate it using a centrifuge into red and white blood cells and PRP. From there, they inject the PRP into the penis. The entire process takes about a half hour.

For those questioning just how viable a treatment PRP therapy is compared to a proven commodity like Viagra, consider this. PRP therapy helps with improved blood flow but can also increase length, girth and, as we mentioned earlier, sensation. The overall benefits of PRP are therefore likely greater than pills.