Millions of Americans suffer from allergies, making it difficult to enjoy many activities that others look forward to all year long. But what are the options – relying on over-the-counter medications that leave you feeling woozy, or forgoing every outdoor get-together for fear of pollen and other irritants? These are the choices you are probably most familiar with, and neither of them are particularly attractive.

Thankfully though, there is another approach to allergy relief, and its effectiveness has just been highlighted in a recent study. According to a press release distributed by ScienceDaily, research published in the open access publication World Allergy Journal has indicated that allergen immunotherapy can ease runny nose, sneezing and other frustrating symptoms by tackling the root cause of the reaction.

“[Researcher] Karin […] Petersen and colleagues observed 248 allergy patients prospectively as they received the treatment for one year. As expected, disease severity lessened, but critically, this translated to significant improvements in quality of life,” the source states. Specifically, the researchers noted that the participants’ perception of their allergies improved as they enjoyed more symptom-free days.

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