Menopause can be a trying time for many women, as they do their best to come to terms with the hot flashes, mood swings and other side effects that accompany a natural drop in estrogen levels. But, the truth is, these changes don’t have to be an inevitable part of aging. Hormone pellet therapy can help by restoring these hormones to more youthful levels, thereby offsetting some of the more frustrating symptoms of menopause.

Plus, new findings have shown that women who invest in these anti-aging hormones may be lowering their chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. ScienceDaily reports that medical researchers from John Hopkins University tracked the medical records of 1,768 women over the age of 65 for 11 years. A large portion of that sample – 1,105 females in total – underwent hormone replacement therapy in that time, while the remaining 663 participants did not.

Over the course of the study, approximately 10 percent of the women under observation were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. The 176 females who developed the degenerative condition were evenly split among the two groups – a significant result given the widely divergent sizes of each.

Based on these figures, the researchers determined that women who underwent estrogen pellet therapy were statistically less likely to encounter this form of cognitive decline. However, in light of past clinical trials that produced different results, lead author Dr. Peter Zandi emphasized that the timing of these procedures played an important role on this particular benefit.

“Our results suggest that there may be a critical window near menopause where hormone therapy may possibly be beneficial,” Zandi explains.

According to the study, women who underwent hormone replacement therapy within five years of menopause had the best chance of fending off Alzheimer’s disease. But, Zandi stressed that more research was necessary before physicians recommend the treatment for this purpose.

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