Last week, this blog covered the epidemic of influenza that has taken the country by storm. According to a reports, a particularly severe strain of influenza has left countless Americans sniffing and sneezing, causing some major cities to declare a national health emergency.

Previously,we discussed one method of bolstering your immune system in the face of widespread infection – vitamin C infusion therapy. This treatment, which is offered at Longevity Centres of America, floods your system with fortifying vitamin C to help you protect yourself from illness.

Of course, given the scope of this year’s flu season, many other publications have weighed in on a few all-natural methods of flu prevention. As well as conventional tips like getting plenty of rest and washing your hands regularly, The Huffington Post points out that staying active can also help boost your immunity.

While you may be tempted to curl up in bed during these winter months, both to avoid the cold and avoid exposure to unknowing virus carriers, the news outlet makes the case for extracting yourself from your cozy abode and staying fit. An hour of exercise per day, the source reports, can be enough to whip your virus-fighting white blood cells into high gear. This isn’t a bad habit to incorporate in your daily routine, either, since regular physical activity has been shown to promote brain health and aging longevity in general.

At Longevity Centres of America, our goal is to keep you feeling great as you age, no matter what the season. For information about vitamin C infusion therapy and other beneficial forms of IV chelation, consult one of our anti-aging specialists.