Families who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s understand how debilitating the disease can be. This type of dementia only doesn’t only pose a threat to memory and cognition, it can also cause mood and personality changes, poor judgment and increased anxiety and aggression, according to the National Institute on Aging.

But what if there was a solution to dealing with these symptoms, making it easier for those living with the condition to cope? Recent research conducted by Tel Aviv University stated that hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be the answer.

Can hyperbaric oxygen therapy relieve symptoms of Alzheimer’s?
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to provide patients with pure oxygen in a closed, pressurized room. It is said that under these conditions, oxygen in the blood increases and transfers seamlessly to the blood vessels to stimulate and promote healing. To test whether this type of treatment could aid Alzheimer’s patients, researchers at Tel Aviv University built a custom hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber for mice.

“The mice reduced plaque pathology by 40 percent.”

During a 14-day experiment, the mice went through a series of behavioral and tissue biochemical tests after undergoing administered hyperbaric oxygen therapy for an hour each day. By the two-week mark, the researchers found that the mice had reduced plaque pathology by 40 percent and also reduced neuroinflammation by 40 percent as compared to the control mice.

“In this hallmark study, the beneficial physiological effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy were directly demonstrated on Alzheimer-affected brain tissue,” stated Shai Efrati, professor and study conductor.

For human beings to find the same positive reaction in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Efrati stated that patients must undergo treatment early on in their Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

“We assume that the main challenge in human use will be to initiate the treatment at early stages before a significant amount of brain tissue is lost.”

Consider hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the Longevity Centres
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